• We have high Hollywood standards, and will continue to lead the industry in innovation. Hollywood Hibiscus provide savings at production for the grower, faster and more profitable turns at retail, and consumer engagement and success in the real world garden.

  • This is our first year growing Hollywood Hibiscus and we love how they are performing for us! 

  • J Berry Nursery has some great stuff! I am very happy with everything I've received from them this year!

  • I was so taken by the beauty of the Black Diamond Crapes that I purchased 11 from my local Madison Heights, VA, Lowes store!! I went to my mother in law's house, showed her the pictures of my crapes and she wanted some. So I went to the Pocomoke, Maryland, Lowes and purchased 5 more and planted them for her! My next door neighbor complimented me on my crapes so I went back to my Lowes and purchased and planted one for her!! So I have purchased 17 crapes so far!! They are  beautiful. You have a great product and I will be buying more of them in the spring to add to my collection! Thank you

  • Bought this Hot Shot Hollywood Hibiscus here in Upper Sandusky, OH. It is by far the most vibrant heavy blooming tropical hibiscus I have ever seen or owned. It does take your breath away!!!

  • We have had our Déjà Bloom Red Tiara azaleas for close to four years. I really believe they bloom their vivid red blooms more prolifically each season. Absolutely awesome!

  • I just wanted to say a few things about j. berry nursery. My wife and I are big fans of all types of hibiscus plants. This year I have made multiple purchases of “Hollywood Hibiscus “ from j. berry and I could not be happier! Normally, I don’t have good luck with plants that I have purchased on the internet. When they arrive, they never look anything like they do online. Happily, that is not the case with j. berry.

    The plants are packaged better than any other I have ever ordered. They come with paper wrapped around the bottom of the plant, then the ball of the plant is placed in a plastic bag with a drawstring which prevents the soil from coming out during shipping, then well boxed in a sturdy cardboard container. My plants have all arrived as if I had driven to the nursery and picked them up personally. When the plants arrive, I immediately take them out of the shipping containers and pot them. They always have buds on them and within a day or two those buds have turned into beautiful blooms. Just this past week one of my plants already had a bloom on it when I opened the box. I am including photos of a few examples.

    When the plant with the orange flowers, (Hustler) arrived, I potted it, and the picture was taken only four days later. The plant with white blooms (Earth Angel, my personal favorite) was taken only two days after it arrived. The plant with the single pink bloom (Glamour Girl) was taken the day it arrived, right after I potted it.

    As you can see, the plants certainly don’t look like they just got here, and that is why I’m leaving this review. Not only are the plants great, the customer service is second to none. I have had a couple of occasions when I needed to speak with someone, and Kayla was always available to handle my issues immediately and always made every effort to go above and beyond to make sure I was perfectly satisfied. I realize this is a long review, but a few words are just not enough to describe what a great job these people do, and how gorgeous their plants are.

    If you are looking for first class plants at very reasonable prices, these are the people to call on! I can attest that you won’t be disappointed (and no, I don’t work for the company).