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J. Berry Nursery is committed to bringing beautiful plants into lives, homes, and gardens around the world.

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- Jim & Jonathan Berry

Why Choose J. Berry?

  • We have high Hollywood standards, and will continue to lead the industry in innovation. Hollywood Hibiscus provide savings at production for the grower, faster and more profitable turns at retail, and consumer engagement and success in the real world garden.

    Jim Berry, Owner of J. Berry
  • This is our first year growing Hollywood Hibiscus and we love how they are performing for us! 

    Matt Rowe, Owner of Rowe Farms-Jacksonville, TX
  • To say I am pleased with the J. Berry line of plants is an understatement! All of my selections have THRIVED and performed beyond my wildest dreams. I have already started including both Hollywood and Summer Spice Hibiscus into my national Foodscape presentations.

    Brie Arthur, Author of Brie Grows and Foodscape Consultant
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  • As a tropical hibiscus lover who lives in the north where they aren't easy, Hollywood Hibiscus are for me. For me, these are no-care plants that jazz up our pool area and garner a lot of oohs and ahhs from summer visitors.

    Kylee Baumle, Gardening Expert and Author of The Monarch: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly
  • The premium retail Hollywood Hibiscus commands translates to better margins for retailers, without sacrificing turns. Stores are not getting larger, and there is competition for space. It makes sense from a retailer's perspective to devote more real estate to Hollywood Hibiscus.

    Jeff Everly, National Account Manager at Plant Man Consulting
  • J Berry Nursery has some great stuff! I am very happy with everything I've received from them this year!

    Ethan Keith Johnson

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We see how things can be improved and rally people towards that vision.


We responsibly create beauty that inspires.


We act honestly and truthfully with purpose.


We face difficulties head on, and overcome them to move forward.

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