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Contract Production Manager

J. Berry Nursery, based in Grand Saline, Texas, is seeking an individual that can contribute to bringing high quality innovative plants to the industry and consumers. J. Berry Nursery was established in 2006 and is a rapidly growing nursery, with a unique and innovative product mix. J. Berry Nursery focuses on the development and production of branded programs. We own, produce and license the following brands: Black Diamond Crapemyrtles, Deja Bloom Azaleas, Hollywood Hibiscus, Deckorations, and Season to Season. Our brands are influencing markets in Australia, Europe, China, Japan, North America and South Africa. 

The Contract Production Manager will continue the development of contract production in Central and South Florida, Alabama, South Texas, and anticipated expansion throughout the United States and Canada. This position is responsible for building a network of quality producers of proprietary genetics, as well and the execution of communication and logistics necessary to bring the product to market when needed. Plants grown under contract will be sold and marketed by J. Berry Nursery to our current and future customer base.

Position Objectives:

·      Outsource production to select growers with direct or closely related plant production experience, always working towards goals of maintaining schedules and forecasts to match sales demand.

·      Arrange distribution of supply chain inputs to network growers.

·      Monitor and maintain quality standards with producers.

·      Ensure accurate inventory record keeping with contract producers.

·      Secure trialing documentation and distribution of inputs and receipt of trial data.

·      Provide cultural support to the grower network either direct or through consultancy with others.

·      Coordinate logistics for transfer or direct shipment.

·      Share best practices with J. Berry Nursery and contract growers to lower production costs and/or increase quality.



·      A degree in Horticulture (or related field) or relevant work experience. 

·      High level of organizational skills with specific ability to prioritize activities within a fast- paced environment.

·      Frequent visits to contract producers.

·      Proficiency with Excel and other basic programs.

·      Residency in Florida.

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