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  • We have high Hollywood standards, and will continue to lead the industry in innovation. Hollywood Hibiscus provide savings at production for the grower, faster and more profitable turns at retail, and consumer engagement and success in the real world garden.

  • As a tropical hibiscus lover who lives in the north where they aren't easy, Hollywood Hibiscus are for me. For me, these are no-care plants that jazz up our pool area and garner a lot of oohs and ahhs from summer visitors.

  • J Berry Nursery has some great stuff! I am very happy with everything I've received from them this year!

  • I was so taken by the beauty of the Black Diamond Crapes that I purchased 11 from my local Madison Heights, VA, Lowes store!! I went to my mother in law's house, showed her the pictures of my crapes and she wanted some. So I went to the Pocomoke, Maryland, Lowes and purchased 5 more and planted them for her! My next door neighbor complimented me on my crapes so I went back to my Lowes and purchased and planted one for her!! So I have purchased 17 crapes so far!! They are  beautiful. You have a great product and I will be buying more of them in the spring to add to my collection! Thank you

  • Bought this Hot Shot Hollywood Hibiscus here in Upper Sandusky, OH. It is by far the most vibrant heavy blooming tropical hibiscus I have ever seen or owned. It does take your breath away!!!

  • We have had our Déjà Bloom Red Tiara azaleas for close to four years. I really believe they bloom their vivid red blooms more prolifically each season. Absolutely awesome!