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Little Lime®

Common Name: Hydrangea

Variety: Little Lime® PP22330

Genus Species: Hydrangea paniculata


Little Lime® may be small, but the lime green blooms that emerge in Summer are astonishing. As the blooms age, they begin to change to a rich pink shade that lasts through fall. With it’s small stature and sturdy stems, Little Lime® is perfect for planting in a decorative container or in any landscape, and the abundant blooms are a wonderful choice for cut flowers.

Sun: Part Sun to Full Sun

Water Usage: Average

Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Bloom Time: Summer & Fall

Mature Size: 3’-5’

Pruning: Late Winter/Early Spring

Fertilize: Slow release granular in early Spring and a supplemental dose of liquid feed may be needed mid-summer.