How to Grow Hollywood Hibiscus

Introduce a vibrant cast of characters to your garden! Hollywood Hibiscus are beautiful blooming tropical shrubs that will absolutely transform your yard into a tropical paradise! Get ready to enjoy tons of gorgeous flowers from spring until frost with these great tips.

Where to Grow

Like any big star, Hollywood Hibiscus plants love the heat and the sun! The longer & brighter the better, and the more blooms you'll get. They make great annuals in the landscape and fantastic thrillers in container gardens.

6-8 hours of sunlight per day


Hollywoods are a thirsty crowd. Make sure the soil in their containers stays evenly moist - not sopping wet - but about as damp as a wrung-out sponge.

Check soil for moisture daily during the summer.


To keep their "runway ready" look, Hollywood Hibiscus need to be fed with a balanced or low phosphorus fertilizer. When looking at the numbers on a fertilizer label, the center number should be the same or lower than the numbers on either side. For example, the numbers could look like this: 10-10-10 (balanced) or 12-6-8 (lower in phosphorous). Do not use "bloom booster" formulas on your Hollywoods.

Feed according to package instructions.


Some stars are high maintenance in the hair department, but not Hollywood Hibiscus. Let them grow during the summer and enjoy their masses of beautiful blooms. If they grow larger than you'd planned, you can selectively trim back individual branches to different heights to maintain a natural look while reducing size. (Think "long layers.")

Container Planting Tips

Plant Hollywood Hibiscus in containers that are at least 10-12 inches wide, using high quality potting mix. Accessorize with other water-loving plants including strawberries, sweet potato vines, creeping jenny, asparagus fern, and million bells

Yellow Leaves

If you haven't fertilized the plants at all, try fertilizing them. If you have been fertilizing, they could be getting too much phosphorous.

Buds Falling Off

This is rare but can happen to plants that are moved a lot. Try to let your Hollywoods sunbathe in peace. (Don't turn them frequently.)


Indoors, spider mites and aphids can attack tropical hibiscus. Elevate humidity high around the plants to prevent problems. Outdoors, pets problems are fewer. Try blasting the plants with water first, and then use insecticidal soap.

Winter Care

Hollywoods are definitely fair weather plants when it comes to outdoor living. If you live in zone 8 or higher, cut plants back to 6-8 inches tall and place them somewhere warm, bright, and slightly humid. Cut back a bit on watering, only giving them a drink when the soil is dry. They’ll slow down or stop blooming. Just move them back outside again when nighttime temperatures are above 65 degrees. Alternatively, you can compost them in the winter and start fresh with new plants in the spring!