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Falling Waters Large Succulent 1 Gal in a Metal Deorative Pot


The varieties in the Mad about Mangave collection are all intergametic hybrids of Agave and Manfreda. Mangave are exceptional plants and showcase the stunning structure of Agave, with the unique foliage colors of Manfreda. **Delivered to you in a beautiful metal and gold colored decorative pot!**

  • Makes a great decorative center piece as a indoor houseplant and can also be kept or planted outdoors, just be sure to check your zone for cold hardiness
  • Mangave have soft spines, which makes them easy to handle and care for, and Mangave are fast growers, once your plant reaches your desired size, cut back on watering to hold growth
  • Mangave are perfect for landscapes or as feature plants in containers
  • Many forms of Mangave, select from upright, arching or spreading habits
  • Plant would look great in a rock garden or in your home as a house plant, and it is so easy to maintain
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