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Plum Magic Crapemyrtle

Common Name: Crapemyrtle

Variety: Plum Magic™ Crapemyrtle PP23518

Genus Species: Lagerstroemia


Plum Magic™ Crapemyrtle is a miniature crapemyrtle that blooms in early Summer. It has abundant fuchsia-pink flowers on its rounded, dense habit. The foliage emerges as a beautiful plum-purple color and matures into a rich dark green shade that exquisitely complements the fuchsia-pink blooms. This crapemyrtle will re-bloom in late Summer if the first flush of flowers are deadheaded. As with all of the Crapemyrtles in the magic series, it has excellent resistance to leaf spot and powdery mildew.

Sun: Full Sun

Water Usage: Average

Hardiness Zone: 7-9

Bloom Time: Early Summer – Early Fall

Mature Size: 6’-10’ H x 6’-10’ W

Prune: Late Winter

Fertilize: Slow release granular with even NPK ratio