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Midnight Magic Crapemyrtle

Common Name: Crapemyrtle

Variety: Midnight Magic™ Crapemyrtle PP25925

Genus Species: Lagerstroemia


Midnight Magic™ has superb purple-maroon foliage and offers loads of dark pink flowers. It has a rounded compact shape. It begins blooming in July when summer color is in short supply and remains colorful into September. Additionally, the foliage color is not diminished, even in southern heat. With its beautiful dark foliage and good leaf spot and mildew resistance, Midnight Magic is an exciting problem-free replacement for purple leaf plums where plums are often defoliated by August.

Sun: Full Sun

Water Usage: Average

Hardiness Zone: 7-9

Bloom Time: Early Summer – Early Fall

Mature Size: 4’-6’ H x 4’-6’ W

Prune: Late Winter

Fertilize: Slow release granular with even NPK ratio