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Hollywood Hibiscus Bad Boy ppaf

BAD BOY does not like to be mistaken for his brother, PLAYBOY, but sometimes it happens. BAD BOY definitely thinks his electric orange-red petals have more star power. They sure contribute to his edgy reputation. Don’t let the name fool you, though. BAD BOY likes to project an air of mystery, but he’s reliably the highlight of every party. You’ve seen him out with SOCIAL BUTTERFLY and FIRST TO FLIRT. “I can’t choose,” he says. “They’re both gorgeous.”

You might be a BAD BOY if:

  • You have impeccable style.
  • Everyone fights for your attention.
  • You enjoy living on the edge.

Bloom time: Spring 'til first frost

Light: Full Sun-6 of more hours of direct sunlight daily

Hardiness: Zone 9-Protect your patio planters by bringing them indoors in the winter.

Size: 3' H x 3' W when planted in the landscape. Patio plantings can be pruned to maintain an optimal size

Spacing: 3-4'

Water: Keep soil moist until established

Prune: As needed and desired to maintain shape

Plant Food:  Apply slow release once per year in early Spring

Mulch: Keep a layer of mulch around the base of the plant year-round to conserve water and reduce weeds.

Ideas for Use: Hollywood Hibiscus are perfect to add to your landscape as colorful tropical annuals, and also make beautiful container plants to display on your patio or around your pool.