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Giant Elephant Ear Alocasia

Common Name: Alocasia 

Variety: Giant Elephant Ear Alocasia 

Genus species: Alocasia ‘Borneo Giant’


Giant Elephant Ear Alocasia is a spectacular tropical landscape plant with giant leaves the look like elephant ears. It is the fastest and largest growing alocasia on the market which makes it the perfect plant for any landscape. It can be grown indoors in a decorative container or outdoors as a background plant, pond border, statement plant, or in an outdoor container. 

Sun: Full to Part Sun; 6+ hours direct sun daily

Water: Prefers consistent soil moisture

Hardiness Zone:  Hardy in Zones 7-9
                              Annual for Zones 6 & below

Bloom Time:  Late Spring

Mature Size: 10’ T x 10’ W

Prune: Prune down to a few inches dig up the tuber, and store in a cool dry location after first frost. Plant once again after last freeze date has passed.

Soil Type:  Does well in acidic, neutral and alkaline well-drained soils, mulch recommended

Fertilize:  Use a Slow-Release, Granular Even Ratio (10-10-10) Formula in early Spring, repeat as directed.