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Enduring OnyxCrown Jewel Begonia

Common Name: Begonia

Variety: Enduring Onyx™ Crown Jewel Begonia™ PPAF

Genus species: Begonia rhizomatous hybrid 'Enduring Onyx' ppaf

Patent Info: PPAF


Enduring Onyx has gorgeous deep black leaves that create a grounding effect in the garden, anchoring the design and allowing all the plants to shine. Plant this to feel invincible and ready to conquer anything that comes your way! Enduring Onyx™ is perfect as an indoor houseplant or outdoors planted in the landscape under the canopy of a shade tree. 

Sun: Shade or partial shade

Water: 2-3 times weekly

Hardiness Zone:  Zone 8 – landscape or outdoor containers

Bloom Time:  Early Spring

Mature Size: .5' - 1.5' 

Prune: No pruning required, simply remove faded flowers.

Fertilize:  Use a Slow-Release, Granular Even Ratio (10-10-10) Formula in early Spring, repeat as directed.

Mulch: Recommended