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2.0G First to Arrive™ Hollywood® Hibiscus

FIRST TO ARRIVE knows that every party host worries nobody is going to show up, so he’s always on time (never early) and bearing an excellent host(ess) gift. His classic style lends an air of sophistication to every soiree, but he’s an easy guest to keep happy and will bloom his head off when given plenty of sun and liquid refreshments. (Ahem.) You’ll find FIRST TO ARRIVE playing poker with FIRECRACKER, HOT SHOT, and PLAYBOY every Wednesday night. The number one topic? RICO SUAVE. Even the guys like a bit of gossip.


2.0G Rico Suave™ Hollywood® Hibiscus

RICO SUAVE knows how to work a room, putting his charming good looks to work seducing everyone within view. Gotta love that confidence! His gold-orange ruffled petals beckon you closer so you can appreciate his mysterious deep burgundy center. Despite being highly fashionable, RICO SUAVE is an easygoing guest, happy with lots of sun and liquid refreshments. Find him comparing notes with GOLD DIGGER. They’re two peas in pod. (Or plants in a pot.)